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April 2018

April always brings the start of the new membership year and I am pleased to say that we now have more members than ever! The majority of past members have renewed, we have our newly graduated Couch to 5k-ers and we have had an influx of enquires about joining us in the future. A fantastic start to the new year!


And we have absolutely not eased ourselves in gently!


At the start of the month, two of our very lovely ladies took themselves (and some NAR supporters!) to Paris and completed their first official marathon! Although the weather was pretty hot, they both looked like they had a lovely time and completed it in very, very respectable times! They should be very proud of themselves - we are!


On the same day, in an over cast Salisbury, 11 NARs took on the Salisbury 10 mile race as part of the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL). This undulating course had a few challenges along the way but was a beautiful route with the added bonus of some llamas at mile 7! There were many PBs, some real lfe camels at the finish, topped off with a cup of tea and a bacon butty at the fire station stall! Great team effort all round!


Carrying on the ladies marathon trend, Jen and Emma-Louise completed their first marathon at Brighton in the middle of the month. Both ladies trained incredibly hard and this totally paid off with some fantastic times! These girls definitely can!


And then came the biggest Sunday of the year on the running calendar...... Sunday 22nd April saw a record number of NARs complete a record number of miles on one day in record temperatures! 9 runners completed the 10k, 7 completed the Half Marathon and 14 completed the full marathon in Southampton....... while 4 completed the London Marathon. It was a day full of emotion, determination, resillience and a culmination of months of training. It was the day that I have been most proud of my NAR family and will remain in my memory for a long time.


It didn't stop there! We finished the month with a another busy weekend! 5 intrepid runners took on the Wickham Whistler, a lapped course where you choose your distance run by 'On the Whistle', and they all put in some impressive miles! At the same time, Shona was running the Bad Cow marathon (run by White Star Running) in Dorset - a trail marathon! She was amazing! Enough said! Meanwhile, the third Handicap Grand Prix was taking place! Our top 3 were members that had just completed Southampton marathon just a week before - fantastic running!


And as if that wasn't all exciting enough....... the brand new NAR Gazebo arrived ready for the summer events! Bring on the sunshine now!


Next month....... Alton 10, Netley 10k and Picnic and the next handicap GP to name but a few!





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