Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL)



HRRL consists of 12 races throughout the year ranging from 5 miles to half marathon distances and are all on road surfaces. The season starts in September and concludes in June. These races are open to the public and there are charges to enter. You will need to enter individually with the race organisers and put NAR as your club. Then let us know you're entered and run in your NAR shirt.

For more information, please visit

The season has currently ended but will begin again on Sunday 2nd September at 2pm at Overton 5


Congratulations to:


Sarah 50th

Vicki 81st


Shaun 133rd

Jeremy 139th

Edd 146th

Mat 152nd

Chris 156th


and to Sarah and Chris who completed all 12 races and will receive the HRRL T-Shirt