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Meeting Point is the Abbey Hall car park on Victoria Road/Grange Road, Netley Abbey SO31 5FA


9am (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (5-10 km)


6pm (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (2 km)


9am (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (5-10 km)


8.30am (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (10km-22 miles)


7pm (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (5km at a gentle pace)


 Please email if you want to come and join the Beginner’s Group!

Here is a list of some of our runs in Netley Abbey, Butlocks Heath, Weston Shore and Hamble.  If you click on the link you will be taken to the website that will show more information and a map of the run.  The runs are approximately 5k each and can be combined when there is a longer 10k run planned (runners can choose to run the whole 10k, or either of the 5k routes).  Photos of the routes can be found in the photo gallery.

West Wood 1

A combined wooded trail and road route that takes in the shaded paths of West Wood as well as a stretch of the coastal path along Weston Shore.  Plenty of wildlife to see in the woods including foxes, deer, birds and bats, as well as the cruise liners and sailing boats along the shore.  Not one for a rainy, muddy day!  Approximately 5.1km link and map.

West Wood 2

Similar to the West Wood 1 route this run takes in a combination of road and trail paths but heads up the hill to the open fields of the wood before heading back to Weston Shore and following the coast down to the cafe and turning back again, hugging the coast all the way, past Netley Abbey Castle and then cutting back across the Cricket Field back to the start.  Approximately 5.3km link and map.

Weston Shore

A classic ‘there and back’ road route that starts with a hill climb and then hugs the coastal path all the way from Netley Abbey Castle, past Weston Sailing Club and all the way down to Southampton Sailing Club before turning and running back again, ending with the hill climb! Plenty of ships to spot on the run, as well as feeling the burn up that hill!  Approximately 5km link and map.

Country Park 1

An enjoyable run that combines road routes, wooded tracks and paths through Royal Victoria Country Park.  The run starts on road and then drops down to a woodland track that runs parallel to the ‘swamp’ and back into, and around, the country park.  Approximately 5km link and map.

Country Park 2

A big loop of Royal Victoria Country Park that starts along Victoria Road through Netley Abbey, along the beach road up towards the cemetery and back via the Hamble Rail Trail towards the country park and back again.  Approximately 5.6km link and map.

Reservoir Run

A beautiful, hilly route that takes in the villages of Netley Abbey, Butlocks Heath and Royal Victoria Country Park.  The route cuts through the villages, into Priors Hill Copse, past the reservoir and into the fields of Hound Grove as you run past horses into the country park before heading back to base!  Approximately 5.6km link and map.

Hamble Ramble

A lovely long road and park route that starts in Netley Abbey, continues along the beach path in Royal Victoria Country Park, through Country Copse, on Hamble Lane towards the picturesque village of Hamble where there is a loop around the main street and quay side before heading back via the Hound and back through Netley to the start.  Approximately 10.6km link and map.


7pm (Abbey Hall car park)


Distance (5-12 km)


7.30pm (Hamble) OR (Itchen Bridge)

OR (Outdoor Athletics Track)


Distance (2-6 km)


9am (Royal Victoria Country Park)

Netley Abbey parkrun

Distance (5 km)

We run in Netley Abbey and Hamble and utilise as many of the beautiful, scenic routes as possible. The runs combine pavement, grass, woodland paths and (occasionally) beaches.  Please take a look at our gallery for some photos of where we run.

The Beginner’s Group runs for 10 weeks and costs £30.

The official runs listed above are led by our Run Leaders who will take the group through a pre-run safety briefing to explain the route, the speed of the run, the hazards and the safety procedures.  There will also be a pre-run warm up and post-run stretches.  Although the group will be covered by the Run Leader’s insurance on all official runs, you must take sensible precautions to reduce risk (for example, notify the Run Leader if you have an injury or illness, wearing hi-viz clothing at night and running at a pace you are comfortable with).

Children are welcome on our Social Runs if accompanied by a parent or guardian.  There will always be a Run Leader at the back of the group so please do not worry about being ‘too slow’, we want you to enjoy your run at whatever speed you are comfortable with; everyone matters!

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Our lovely Run Leaders

Chris Lewis

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Ria Gradwell

07753 456006


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