Cross Country League (CC6)

CC6 consists of 8 races throughout the year and all races are approximately  5 miles long.  They are on trails and are often muddy!  The season starts in September and concludes in March.  These races are open to entered clubs only and there are no charges to enter - just turn up and run in your NAR shirt!

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The current CC6 season has now finished - it will commence again in September 2019

Congratulations to:

Shaun Davey - 88th

Mathew Captain - 101st

Toby Corbin - 114th

Steve Carr - 127th

Tony Browne - 132nd

Eddie Oliver - 145th

Kerry Morgan - 62nd

Jackie Titcombe - 84th

Ruth Johnson - 86th


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Club Chair: Chris Lewis

Club Vice Chair: Vicki Brunink

Club Secretary: Edward Biddle