Handicap Grand Prix

Handicap Grand Prix (Club)

The club handicap grand prix races are a friendly but competative series of races run throughout the year.  The idea is that your start time is determined by how fast you would normally run a 5k race - i.e. faster runners set off behind slower runners.  Therefore, in a perfect handicap race, everyone should be racing for the finish line at the same time and leaving the competition open for anyone to win!


There are 10 races throughout the year and your best 6 results count towards your final score.


The top 20 racers score points with 1st place gaining 20 points, down to the 20th scoring 1 point.


The race is run on the Netley Abbey Park Run course and times are calculated using your best Park Run or GP time of the year.


Dates for 2019

Race 5 – Thursday 4th July

Race 6 – Tuesday 6th August

Race 7 – Thursday 5th September

Race 8 – Wednesday 2nd October (May need to be earlier due to light)

Race 9 – Sunday 3rd November

Race 10 – Saturday 14th December – Park Run (Awards evening this night)





Get in Touch

Club Chair: Chris Lewis chair@netleyabbeyrunners.com

Club Vice Chair: Vicki Brunink


Club Secretary: Edward Biddle